The fall of the European landmarks, 2012 Rb

I am quite taken by the fact that things that I have never had any interest in the imagery that unfolds in my dreamlife how ever certain images  I know I must record.


Fourth of July 2017 dream….Rb

The morning of the 4th of July 2017, I dreamed I was sitting in the Oval Office at the desk of President Trump observing him playing with toys. I made note of the long orange hot wheels track. I was directed in the dream to photograph this image. Reluctantly over the last year I have been in the process of completing realistically what I saw in the dream. The above image is in process with various variations on the theme.

I invite you to comment and give your interpretation or view.

MH370 vision

On March 9,2014 I dreamed I was inside the cockpit of the missing flight.

I was sitting behind the pilot on the right side of the the cockpit.  I could see the back of the captains head only, he was wearing a captains hat and out fit resembling the captain on Gilligans island. He navigated the plane thru the rocky shore of an island, it was raining and dark the wind was blowing what looked like long stringy tropical leaves to the left.

I awoke…..

You never forget visions

Dreams can be like disappearing ink


Final resting place MH370 2014, Renee Brown

NY state Prison escape 2015

In this short blog . I go back and lift some imagery that my hand received and recorded before these events happened.The following images are included in the Dreamscape collection. I must note ( as I paint my thought process is empty).

I painted this image in the morning. At about 4 in the afternoon that same day Mr Matt the escaped NY state prisoner was shot by a state trooper as he lay deep in a brush of forest.

“The way men see”

Over 10 years ago I dreamed I was very pregnant sitting in a car wanting to get out and share my being pregnant with the world. My childhood pediatrician Dr. Wayman C McCoy walked over to me as I sat in the car and said not yet.

My personal interpretation was that I greatly wanted to share with the world my new way of seeing and gifting. I believe I was being cautioned : Not yet because of the way men see. I interpret this as a word play on my childhood pediatricians first name whom I had not seen since I was a child.

My response to this Dream is titled: Not Yet …..Renee Brown 2010