Fall of the European landmarks 2012

In 2012, I dreamed of the collapse of many European landmarks (a vision in a dream). I saw the various Landmarks crumble into the ground.

This  image was painted in 2012. It is included in “Dreamscapes” a collection of 40 paintings inspired from my dream journals,

Dreamscapes the book:by Renee Brown

available at museum store: http://www.burchfieldpenny.org



In all humility, I make record of on  4/15/19, a fire in Paris at Notre Dam.

Renee Brown

note- Currently the main structure of Notre Dam in Paris can be saved…6:30 pm est. US



“Wrong direction”

In 2010 I dreamed , I was walking down a street and I viewed a bulldozer pushing a line of people of various nationalities into a building.

The entire dream and this image is found in my book “Dreamscapes”.

I would love your view as to how this might reflect current world events.


Renee Brown